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5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips Ep 31


5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips
Vitamin Junkeys Episode #31 (running time 9:22)
Date: January 6, 2009
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Show hosts: Jennifer Lyall & Dr. Jean Jacques (Dr. JJ) Dugoua, ND HBSc PhD (Cand.)

This episode examines:

5 Tips for healthy natural weight loss
What are some natural weight loss products that are available?

Are there weight loss products people should avoid?

Will I lose weight just by taking supplements or are there other components to help with weight management?

How do the natural weight loss products Dr. JJ recomends work?

What's Dr. JJ taking today:  Chromium

Chromium is on of Dr. JJ's favourite weight loss supplements.  Chromium improves your insulin sensitivity which allows you to manage your blood sugar levels better.  It also seems to decrease your fat cells and decrease your body fat percentage.

Chromium is also typically in a multi-vitamin, however it is not present at a therapeutic level.

What are some natural weight loss products that are available?
eradvisory.htm" target="_blank">Ephedra is a well-known natural weight loss product that has been banned in the US and Canada.  It's main component ephedrine is very similar to adrenaline. This natural health product has a good study that has been conducted on it, but the only problem is that it could kill you (due to increased risk of heart problems and potentially strokes) which of course out weighs any benefit of weight loss.  

The weight loss industry is full of very promising research.  There is no magic bullet for  to lose pounds as different things work for different people based on their own individual situation.

Natural Weight Loss Tip #1- with the supervision of a health care practitioner, consider including some of the Weight Loss Supplements Dr. JJ recommends to his patients:


Green Tea is a popular weight loss supplement (taken as a tea or in a pill form.. some may remember Dr. Nicholas Perricone's recommendation on an episode of Oprah that if someone replaces coffee for green tea, over the course of 6 weeks they will lose 10 pounds)

Caralluma (herb to suppress the appetite)

White Bean Extract (seems to help decrease your appetite)

Relora (a herbal combination - when you lose weight with the support of Relora, you are less likely to put the gain the weight back)

There are some studies that suggest that if you have low php?vitamanID=string15" target="_blank" title="Vitamin Dictionary - Vitamin D">Vitamin D levels, low calcium levels or low levels of fish oil you may be prone to be obese.  However, there are no studies that conclude that if you take Vitamin D, calcium or fish oils that it will prevent you from being obese.  

Are there weight loss products people should avoid?

No one should be on ephedra without medical supervision.  In fact it is currently banned in Canada and the US as an ingredient in weight loss products.  


Hoodia - Dr. JJ has not reviewed any studies that substantiate their weight loss claims, so he does not recommend it for his patients.

Will I lose weight just by taking supplements or are there other components to help with weight management?

Tip #2: Exercise

It is important to develop a weight loss plan that will include a healthy diet and exercise.  You may lose a little bit of weight just by taking supplements, but you won't sustain it. 

Tip # 3: Develop a meal plan tailored for you.

People who want to achieve their best weight or ideal weight need to develop a healthy diet plan.  How to lose fat will vary by individual.  It doesn't make sense to try some of the fad diets, you really need to develop healthy eating habits that you can stick with.  However, some of Dr. JJ's patients do well with a low fat diet, some with a low carb diet, some with a macrobiotic diet or blood type diet.  It all depends on the person, Dr. JJ helps his patients develop a meal plan for healthy weight loss specifically for them.

Tip #4 Get Support:

Getting mental and emotional support can help people stay on track with their weight loss plan.  A lot of people need to get weight loss help and be coached throughout the process to keep them motivated.  This is why so many of the weight loss support groups do well.

Tip #5: Stay committed to get results

One of the best weight loss secrets is to be aware of your behaviours.  Some people are absent minded snackers, snacking and not realizing it.  Some approach weight loss with an "all or nothing" attitude.  You need to address these behaviours to be successful, and stay committed.

How do the natural weight loss products Dr. JJ recommends work?

Each weight control supplement works differently, depending on the product.

Chromium works on blood sugar control.

Some products work as appetite suppressants.  Other products will help decrease fat absorption.  Some will work in decreasing carbohydrate absorption.  CLA will help redistribute the fat cells in the abdomen (helping to lose belly fat).

It's very important to work with a health care practitioner when you are losing weight to develop a program that is best suited for you.  Dr. JJ rarely recommends just one  approach to lose weight.  Each program is specifically tailored to the individual, addressing all aspects of health and weight loss, from appetite to mood, stress support and exercise.  It is a holistic approach.

You can find a naturopath, in your community to help design a weight loss plan for you through the Find a Practitioner link on our website

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