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5 Steps to Reduce Stress Now! Ep 44


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5 Steps to Reduce Stress Now!
Vitamin Junkeys Episode #44 (running time 12:02)
Date: April 14, 2009
Podsafe Music: Ice Cream by Christopher Dale Courtesy of the Podshow Music Network
Show hosts: Jennifer Lyall & Dr. Jean Jacques (Dr. JJ) Dugoua, ND HBSc PhD (Cand.)

Special Guest: Rosalie Moscoe, RHN, RNCP, Health in Harmony


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This episode examines:

Is all stress bad?

How is your body impacted by stress?

Why do some people suffer from more stress than others?

What are 5 tips to reduce stress now?


What's Dr. JJ taking today?

>Dr. JJ is taking an adaptagen.  An adaptagen is normally a herbal product that helps you adapt to time of stress or a time of disease.  The most common adaptagen is Ginseng.  Today Dr. JJ is taking Russian Ginseng, also known as Rhodiola.  Rhodiola seems to work a bit better for women than it does for men.  Dr. JJ will give his female patients rhodiola if they are stressed.  It also helps with cravings a bit too.

Is all stress bad?

No, not all stress is bad.  We need a little bit of excitement and a little bit of challenge for any job.  It helps us have energy, otherwise we may not be fufilled as people if we never challenge ourselves.  But on a scale of 1-10, it's ideal to be somewhere in the middle.

People need to work at relieving stress, and recognizing when they are climbing up that scale.  Once you can recognize your stress levels are rising, there are a number of things you can do.

How is your body impacted by stress?

Stress is a risk factor for almost all diseases, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, and PMS.  Rosalie read a statistic that stress is the reason for 80% of doctor's visits.

Stress can deplete your immune system, so you get colds more.

Why do some people suffer from more stress than others?

It really has to do with your perception of stress and what you are going through at the time.  Rosalie commented that your patterns of how you are going to react to stress are set by the age of 40.  Some people were brought up in loud families, where when someone was stressed, they would scream and yell.  Other families may have been very quiet.  It also depends on what your perception is.  Something that stresses you out may not bother me.  

Dr. JJ also added that it depends on what your coping mechanisms are.  If you exercise or do deep breathing regularly, then you are likely to be calmer.  Also, if you have a good support system, then you will be able to cope better.  If you choose to cope using alcohol, caffeine or sugar, that just makes you more on the edge of losing it. Lifestyle is really important.

What are 5 tips to reduce stress now?

Here are some great tips to help you relieve stress now!

1. Review what is bothering you.  Stop and write it down, and then decide how you are going to deal with it rather than let it spin around in your  head.

2. Focus on Positive self talk. This will affect our perception of the stress.  If we tell ourselves negative things, the situation will seem worse.  If we focus on positive messages, our stress levels will go down.

3. Take time for you.  Chill out, start walking slower, talking slower.  Evaluate things, are you overcommitted?

4. Health Buffers- Eat well, exercise & sleep.  You need to have all 3 working for you- they are all interconnected.  These are the basics to help cope with stress. Eat lots of protein and good fats.

5. Be social.  You can still have fun even if you are stressed!  Reach out to your friends and family- they can also help keep things in perspective.  When women are with other women oxytocin is released, and it calms women.  It makes you feel better when you can talk- call a friend.

Rosalie covers these tips more in depth in her book Frazzled Hurried Woman!  It's good for men too!  It's a wellness approach to stress.

Another tip from Dr. JJ is to take yourself out of your environment for a break.  We get used to our environment, and sometimes we're stressed and surrounded by other stressed out people, so when we leave that environment, you get some perspective that not everyone lives the way we do.  For example, if you spend a week in Vancouver, you will realize that Toronto has a much faster pace.  You also feel better in nature, by a lake, to a park.

Instead of taking a smoke break, take a breathing break.  

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