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What is MS Multiple Sclerosis? Ep 49



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What is MS Multiple Sclerosis?
Vitamin Junkeys Episode #49 (running time 6:02)
Date: September 8, 2009
Podsafe Music: Ice Cream by Christopher Dale Courtesy of MeVIO Music Alley
Show hosts: Jennifer Lyall & Dr. Jean Jacques (Dr. JJ) Dugoua, ND HBSc PhD (Cand.)

This episode examines:

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

What causes Multiple Sclerosis ?

How can you prevent Multiple Sclerosis?


What's Dr. JJ taking today?

Dr. JJ is taking a fish oil, which is rich in Omega 3's.  Halibut, Cod and Sardines are all high in Omega 3's.  Some Omega 3 or Fish oil products list the amount of DHA and EPA.  DHA is docosahexanoic acid, which has an affinity for the central nervous system.  EPA or eicosapentanoic acid has more of an affinity for the heart.  You should always take them together, because your body needs both!

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Mulitple Sclerosis (not schlerosis) or MS is a serious, progressive disease.  Some believe it is auto-immune in nature, but that has not been confirmed.  With this disease the wrapping around your nerves are attacked by your body.  This causes a number of problems, including interference with nerve signals, which is apparent in a number of different symptoms.  Someone may have:


  • trouble moving their arms
  • difficulty walking
  • muscle weakness
  • loss of balance
  • vertigo
  • dizziness
  • loss of cognition
  • loss of bladder control or bowel control if the nerves to the bladder or bowel are affected 


Essentially the symptoms vary depending on which nerves have been affected.

What causes Multiple Sclerosis?

The cause of MS has not been confirmed.  Genetics is a contributing factor.  Research has found that people who live in Boreal climates or higher latitudes are more prone to MS, so some believe that exposure to sunlight may also be a contributing factor.

Also, people who have had the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) could pre-dispose someone to MS.  Environmental toxins can be a contributing factor.  Some have proposed that mercury from fish and dental fillings could be a factor, however, there's been conflicting research around this.

How can you prevent Multiple Sclerosis?  What can you do to prevent Multiple Sclerosis?

The things you do to prevent MS are also approaches you would use to treat it.

People who are at higher risk for MS can try the Swank Diet.  This is a diet that is high in omega 3 fatty acids, which is found in cold water fish like cod and halibut.

Vitamin D is also an important component for treating/preventing Multiple Sclerosis.  Dr. JJ has had some patients who have treated their MS with very high doses of Vitamin D , with very good results.  Anyone who wants to consider trying high doses of Vitamin D must be monitored by a doctor.  Jennifer read an article in the newspaper that talked about a study in Toronto where MS patients took thousands of IU's of Vitamin D with fantastic results.


Vitamin B12 is also an important to prevent/treat MS.

Anyone who is at risk for MS should see a medical practitioner.  Anyone who may have MS would consult with a neurologist who would do an MRI and get a proper diagnosis of MS. 

If you would like to find an alternative healthcare practitioner to help you address a health issue, you can find a naturopath, holistic nutritionist and other practitioners in your community through the Find a Practitioner link on our website

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