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Jen's Raw Food Experience Ep 18

Jen's Raw Food Experience
Vitamin Junkeys Episode #18 (running time 7:51)
Date: September 23, 2008
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Show hosts: Jennifer Lyall & Dr. Jean Jacques (Dr. JJ) Dugoua, ND HBSc PhD (Cand.)

This episode examines:
What is a raw food diet?
Why did Jennifer go raw?
What did Jennifer eat while on the raw food diet?
How long did Jennifer go raw for?
What changes did Jennifer notice going raw?
Would she try a raw food diet again?
Is the raw food diet for everyone?

What's Dr. JJ taking today: Jennifer took Vitamin C
Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is one of Dr. JJ's favourite vitamins. It is found in citrus fruits and different raw foods. Vitamin C helps prevent the common cold, scurvy, cataracts and can be used as a naturopathic cancer treatment. Vitamin C can be used to address a number of health issues.

What is a raw food diet?
Jennifer ate only fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds while on the raw food diet. You can also eat sprouted nuts, seeds and grains while on the diet. You can eat foods that are fresh, frozen or dried. None of the food can be cooked, The food can only be heated to a maximum of 118 F, because they say that food dies when heated any higher. They say that live food is better for you and easier for your body to digest because it has all of the digestive enzymes necessary for your body to digest the food. For instance foods dried in a dehydrator would reach a maximum of 118 F. You can use a dehydrator to make crackers or even pizza crusts. Jennifer used her blender and food processors as her main kitchen tools while eating raw.
Why did Jennifer go on a raw food diet?
Jennifer went raw for a couple of reasons. First, she wanted the challenge. She likes to try new things. She also wanted to help her digestive system, to see what impact a raw food diet would have on her body. There is a history of rectal cancer in her family. Jennifer realizes that good digestion is important to good health.
Dr. JJ added that charred meat and sulfites found in cured meats like ham and salami increase your risk of getting colon cancer. Jennifer would have eliminated these foods while on the raw food diet.

What did Jennifer eat while on the raw food diet?
Jennifer started gradually, having one completely raw meal per day for two weeks. Then she increased it to two raw meals per day for one week , and then full fledge into the raw food diet. In a previous episode (#16) Jennifer and Dr. JJ interviewed raw food chef Robin Gregory. She suggested that Jennifer find a series of good raw recipes to focus on while going raw.
One of the things that Jennifer used as the backbone of her raw experience was the Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer.

Sequel Whole Food Health Optimizer Vega Antioxidant EFA Oil Blend

She used this with Vega's Antioxidant EFA Oil Blend and made a green smoothie every morning. The Vega product line is developed by Canadian ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier. All of the Vega products are raw.
Jennifer was concerned that she may not get enough protein while trying the raw food diet. Having a smoothie with Vega's Whole Food Health Optimizer took away this worry as it is very nutrient dense. One serving of Vega contains as much protein as 4 farm fresh eggs, the same amount of iron as a 29 oz serving of meat, as much calcium as 5 cups of milk, plus so much more! An all-in-one meal made from plant-based foods, Vega Health Optimizer is packed with 100% RDI of vitamins & minerals. Learn more>  

How long did Jennifer go raw for?
Jennifer was planning to go raw for a week and ended up going raw for 9 days. r />What changes did Jennifer notice going raw?
Jennifer noticed that she was having more regular bowel movements. By day 3 she wanted to stop eating raw because she nauseous and sick, but she knew that she was just detoxing. My skin cleared up by day 7, thats why she kept going. Jennifer has had redness in her cheeks that she's been trying to get rid of for years. It finally cleared up after eating raw foods for a week.

Would she try a raw food diet again?
Yes! She would actually do it as her summer detox, because it is so easy being able to go to the farmer's market, and pick-up local fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dr. JJ did a detox last wi nter and has been eating as raw as possible since then. He's noticed that he has more regular bowel movements, more energy... he feels great!

Is the raw food diet for everyone?
No, it's not, because of the detoxing element of the diet. So if someone is pregnant or has a compromised immune system they shouldn't take it on. You should consult with your healthcare practitioner before considering a raw food diet.

Thank you to the team at  Sequel Logofor generously donating the Vega products for Jennifer's raw food experience. You can find out more about their product line at

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