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Natural Anti-Aging Secrets Ep08

Natural Anti-Aging Secrets
Vitamin Junkeys Episode #8 (running time 5:38)
Date: July 15, 2008
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Show hosts: Jennifer Lyall & Dr. Jean Jacques (Dr. JJ) Dugoua, ND HBSc PhD (Cand.)

This episode examines:
What are the changes to expect in a woman's body as we age?
Does weight become an issue as you age?
What are natural approaches or "secrets" to help us age gracefully?

What's Dr. JJ taking today:  Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
CoQ10 is used by your body to produce energy. It is very good for preventing heart disease and cancer. It is also very good for anti-aging, because as you get older, your Coenzyme Q10 levels will decrease.

What are the changes to expect in our body as we age?

You will start to see physical signs of aging. You skin will become looser because your elastin loosens and your collagen does not regenerate as well. As a result you start to get sagging skin and wrinkles. Your body isn't as effective at healing your wounds, resulting in scars becoming more prominent, old injuries bothering you, and generally taking longer to heal from new injuries.
You skin isn't as hydrated, so it looks drier and rougher in appearance.

Does weight become an issue as you age?
People do tend to put on weight as they age, because their metabolism slows down. The weight is "hangs around" in a lot of places on your body- you chin, your stomach, your arms. For people who snore, with sleep apnea, the fat will end up around the throat which will worsen snoring complaints. A lot of snores can improve their breathing by losing weight.

What are natural approaches or "secrets" to help us age gracefully?
1. Cosmetically, acupuncture on the face can improve collagen production and blood circulation. This helps brighten the skin and tighten areas with loose skin.
2. A diet high in antioxidants will help. Try to include: tomatoes, berries, green tea. They help to minimize the impact of other factors that may have you age faster, like sun exposure.
3. Mesotherapy is a natural method of targeting the fat layers under the skin. In this therapy, a certified practitioner will use a needle to inject a natural solution just under the skin. This solution helps your body mobilize the fat cells. While you can't get rid of your fat cells, you can mobilize the cells, to get them to dump the fat that's inside of them. It can work on arms, bellies, chins, love handles, cellulite. This therapy in once sense helps your body to detoxify, as a lot of your toxins are stored in your fat cells. 

In closing....
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